Kooshesh Karan Company, as one of the first companies in the field of production of food packaging machines, started its activity in 1363, according to 1985 AD.In the beginning, the company entered the production market by designing and manufacturing a sample filling machine for concentrated liquids such as jam, paste, honey and mayonnaise, and quickly found a good market in a short period of time, so that it could gain the trust of most food industry factories. And today, with the development of the design and production sector, in addition to increasing its production level to 80 types of machines, has a significant share of the food packaging machinery market in Iran.

Currently, more than 1,200 small and large factories in Iran and abroad in the groups of dairy industries (milk, carbonated and non-carbonated buttermilk), edible and industrial oils, canning and condensate industries (such as pastes, jams, types Sauces, etc.) Complete lines of mineral water, soft drinks, beverages in PET containers, glass and metal cans are the customers of this company.